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  • Spring asparagus and sauce gribiche

    This easy-to-make French egg sauce is traditionally served over boiled meats, but it's a welcome addition to vegetables and pairs beautifully with asparagus.

  • Roasted beets with citrus

    When you enjoy a big scoop of this delicious combination of citrus and beets on top of your favorite green salad, you won't need any other dressing!

  • Chicken tinga tacos

    Chicken tinga, a Mexican dish of shredded chicken and onions simmered in a spicy chipotle sauce, makes a tasty taco filling.

  • Classic ceviche

    Party time? This ceviche from Tasting Room Del Mar is a perfect appetizer because it's easy to prepare and can be marinated a day ahead.

  • Chino Farm English pea soup

    Split pea soup brings the green of spring to your table and is a hearty soup that makes a great meal or starter.

  • "Wasabi" pickled carrots

    Karen Solomon's cookbook "Asian Pickles" explores a world of fermented and brined flavors that can perk up a variety of meals. These pickled carrots require no special preserving equipment and are ready in a flash.

  • Springy green coconut grains

    Spinach ranks as one of the most nutrient-dense foods, loaded with vitamins, folate and calcium. Pile some nutrition on your plate with this recipe featuring spinach and your choice of ancient grain.

  • Arugula salad with strawberries

    "I eat this constantly," Yuba City caterer Jennifer Eubanks said. "I toss arugula with whatever fruit is in season." For one variation of her go-to recipe, try white peaches with macadamia nuts and your favorite cheese.

  • Citrus glazed salmon

    Sautéing salmon fillets is a quick, easy way to put a delicious dinner on the table. This dish—with its colorful, citrusy accents—is elegant enough for guests.

  • Grilled apricots with honey

    Jennifer Eubanks fires up the grill for fruit throughout the spring and summer. "The fruit should be just barely ripe, not mushy," she advises. "Toss in a little olive oil and throw on the grill. It's amazing." Serve over ice cream, if you wish.

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